Great shape Benjamin Maximus kit, only put a little bit of ammo through it. Still have the box, has a high pressure air pump, and 3 boxes of ammo (I've run some of the Piranhas, but there's still most of a box there. Figure 1250-1300 rounds or so) Rifle runs at 2000 PSI, so it's not too challenging to pump up. If you were inclined, a scuba tank would really keep this thing firing. Powerful litt...
930 Jm Pro 12 gauge with 24 inch with the 10+ capacity and a remington 597 heavy barrel semi auto .22lr with a red dot. I have the box for the jm pro, 200 rounds fired through it. Less then a 100 rounds through the .22lr. The 597 is a hidden gem and can rival your basic 10/22. Has last shot bolt hold open. The Jm pro is a sweet shot gun and has all chokes that came with it. You pay transfer fee...
$100 OBO! Trades welcome. Negotiable 100%
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